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Discovery Quantitation

Discovery PK Support

The biggest challenge in conducting discovery PK analyses is turning around the data in a timely manner. Most bioanalytical laboratories require significant time for LC and MS method development because they rely on triple quadrupole mass spectrometers.

RMI Laboratories is the only CRO utilizing the Waters Xevo G2-XS accurate mass system to support our discovery quantitative services. This system, with its analytical specificity and quantitative capability, comparable with traditional triple quadrupole approaches, provides a capability that enables ultra-rapid PK screening as method development is simplified. In addition we can provide PK analysis of the concentration vs. time data generated.

RMI has partnered with a local in-life facility so we can provide full-service rodent PK (mouse and rat) analyses.

Metabolic Stability

RMI Laboratories offers routine metabolic stability testing services in either microsomes, S9, plasma, blood or hepatocytes. We utilize the Waters Xevo G2-XS accurate mass system to support these assays enabling rapid turnaround. The data provided includes the graph of % drug remaining and the t1/2.

Since the data obtained in the PK and stability assays described above is acquired in full scan accurate mass mode, we are able to process that data to afford a snapshot of the metabolites present in the sample. This means we are able to offer combination assays where both quantitation of the target analyte and identification of the metabolites formed is accomplished in a tiered manner. These combination assays (MSI Combo™ and PKI Combo™) offer faster, more cost effective solutions to routine discovery assays.

MSI Combo™ and PKI Combo™ Combination Assays

Since RMI utilizes modern high resolution mass spectrometers, we are able to provide assays where both quantitative and qualitative data are obtained. We provide metabolic stability and metabolite softspot data from the same incubation samples, additionally we provide PK data and an in-vivo metabolite snapshot from plasma samples. Learn more >>